Mitchell Swan announces Bold Plan for America

Mitchell Swan announces Bold Plan for America

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S. Mitchell Swan

Marine Colonel announces Bold Plan for America and campaign for U.S. Congress

Athens, Georgia—January 10, 2014 S. Mitchell Swan, a colonel in the United States Marine Corps reserves, formally announces his intention to seek the Republican nomination for U.S House of Representatives, Tenth Congressional District of Georgia.

Swan holds a BA from Marquette University’s Business School and an MBA from Chaminade University. After twelve years of active duty service in the Marines, Swan resigned his commission to raise his family in Athens and pursue a career as an investment advisor. He later returned to the Marines, as a reservist, in April of 2001 and has since been recalled to active duty where his assignments have included overseas deployments, and serving as a staff officer and Middle East policy developer for US Central Command.

As a seasoned veteran and graduate of the U.S. Naval War College, Swan understands U.S. foreign policy and the threats we face as a nation. This experience, coupled with his financial background, gives him a unique perspective on domestic and world events.

Swan grew up in a family of small business owners and can empathize with entrepreneurs as they face the challenges of government regulations, taxes and a lagging economy.

When asked why he chose to run for Congress, Swan replied, “I see no comprehensive planning—or meaningful action—being taken by Congress to resolve the problems of our country. Plenty of candidates have good intentions, but intentions won’t secure a better future for our children. Anyone can talk in sound bites about needing to create jobs, or shrink the federal government, or save Social Security, but I have a concrete, tangible plan that I want to take to Washington. I want to make a call for all the other problem solvers to meet me at the table and actually accomplish what the voters send us there to do. That’s why I’m running.”

In short, Swan says his campaign is not about “good intentions” but rather “good ideas.”

But Swan warns his plan may be too big for some; “Many will criticize my plan for taking on too much. They will feel it is too bold. But the truth is we have large problems and we need a grand strategy. This country wasn’t built on small ideas and it won’t survive on them either.”

Indeed, Swan has laid out a 5-law plan to restore the middle-class, spur domestic manufacturing, reduce federal government and resolve the illegal immigrant issue. “My plan focuses on 5 specific bills to restore this country. All five must be done and need to be done in this order: Resolve the Illegal Immigrant issue, Reform Federal Income Tax, Reform Social Security, Reduce the size of Federal Government, and Reform the Labor Force of Government.” The details of his plan can be found at Swan’s campaign website,

“I think Americans know that our country is barreling towards an abyss of national debt, unfunded liabilities, and confused foreign policy in a very dangerous world,” Swan commented. “And we’re all hungry for a plan to shift tracks away from the abyss and towards prosperity, security and strength. It’s not enough to identify the problems we face. We need to elect leaders who can solve those problems and who have a fire in their belly to get it done. I’ve got that fire and I’m hoping that the voters of the 10th District will consider my ideas and send me to work for them.”

Mitchell is a single parent of three children; Matthew, Andrew and Samantha. His son Matthew is a senior—and class president—at Athens Academy and hopes to attend the U.S. Naval Academy next fall. His son Andrew is a freshmen at Athens Academy, and is actively involved in school sports. Samantha, his daughter, is a special needs child and has cerebral palsy. A delightful and energetic teenager, Samantha attends Malcom Bridge Middle School and is actively involved with all ESP Programs in Watkinsville. The Swans are active members of Life Church of Athens.


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